January-February Events

January – February Events

We have many exciting events at West Park this month, particularly over the next two weeks.

On Feb. 1, 2 & 7 we will have concerts from our friends at the Open Program. You can find details on the Open Program’s website, here, or on their Facebook page, or on our events flier.

We are also excited to host a dialogue with representatives from the Sikh Coalition and the National Interfaith Office of the PC(USA) next Sunday, Feb. 2, during worship. You can find more details about the dialogue here: Sikh Presbyterians West Park Event.

Sikh Presbyterians West Park Event

See you at an event soon!


December events

Bread & Puppet just finished a great run at West Park (and we were so happy to have them). Now, we move into December concerts, an advent Bible study, and special Christmas services and events. Check out the details below.
For more information about outside events, see the following links:

December 7: Dzieci’s Fool’s Mass at 7 pm, suggested donation $10; Composers Concordance’s concert Legends at 8 pm, $20
December 14: Spectrum Symphony’s concert The King’s Symphony at 7:30 pm, $20-25


Bread & Puppet–The Shatterer of Worlds

Microsoft Word - ShattererPosterOnline.docx

Don’t miss Bread & Puppet’s The Shatterer of Worlds, a new 50th anniversary performance of giant puppets and dance, between November 7 and November 24, 2013 at West Park. Click through to find more information about the show and to purchase tickets.

Bread&Puppet Shatterer Trailer Dannenhauer from Mark Dannenhauer on Vimeo.

From Bread & Puppet: “At the moment when the first atomic bomb was dropped, Oppenheimer, the chief architect of that bomb, recalled words from the Bhagavad Gita, the Hindu prayer book:  “Life, the splendor of 1000 suns blazing all at once, resembling the exulted soul, is become Death, the shatterer of worlds.”  The overt extrajudicial capabilities of the society system allow the shatterer of worlds to function legally to cultivate destructions so minute and gigantic, the eye cannot perceive and the mind cannot behold them. No politician, no hazardous substance, but a well-established tradition and demon strengthened by endless practices of devastation, the shatterer continues to plot the assasination of existence-as-it-is, while disguising his activities as benevolent maneuvers meant to cure the two ailing adversaries: the planet and humanity. By imitating the miraculous blossoming of the evening primrose, the chapel manages to reverse the original statement: Death, the shatterer of worlds, becomes Life, the splender of 1000 suns blazing all at once, resembling the exulted soul.

The Shatterer of Worlds photo taken by Mark Dannenhauer.

Palestinian Film Festival at West Park

West Park will screen two free documentaries in August concerning Palestine as a part of the Palestinian Film Festival 2013. The festival is co-hosted by Advent Lutheran Church, Broadway United Church of Christ, West Park Presbyterian Church and The Riverside Church Israel/Palestine Task Force. Admission is free to all films.

8.8.13 at 7 pm: Join us for the film 5 Broken Cameras (2012), which follows a Palestinian farmer whose village engages in nonvolient resistance against encroaching Israeli military and settlers.

8.22.13 at 7 pm: Join us again for the film The Gatekeepers (2012). This documentary intoduces the viewer to six leaders of Israel’s secret service and the challenging truths of their counterterrorism mission.

Palestinian Film Festival 2013 flyer 2